Ethically Sourced Linen Bedding in New Zealand

Den Studio loves supporting ethical suppliers and showcasing local crafts. We curated our collection based on our belief that one should buy well so generations to come can also enjoy your treasures. Pamper your family with luxurious linen bedding for your New Zealand home while protecting natural resources...

Why Linen?

People have cherished natural fibres for centuries because they are downy soft and promise years of comfy, peaceful sleep. Linen is a must-have if you dream of cool, airy rest on warmer nights and cosy warmth during colder seasons.

Not Mere Sheets and Pillowcases

Embrace the effortlessly chic look our linen duvet covers and linen duvet sets exude. We suggest you sleep directly under these duvets to experience softness extraordinaire and pair them with the ideal linen pillowcases for our NZ weather. You will add an understated elegance to your space by doing so.

We include the standard size and the larger, more stylish linen Euro pillowcase. Yes, New Zealand is a classy, contemporary spot, but old-world charm undoubtedly has its place!

Experience the Difference

Welcome the silky touch of linen bedding in NZ and transform your nights. Shop our Den Studio collection today and experience the ultimate blend of comfort and style.