Reasons to Love Our Linen Robes

Linen consists of flax plant fibres, is stronger than cotton and dries faster. It’s anti-bacterial, porous, and draws heat and moisture away from the body. Linen doesn’t cling but is comfortable and comforting. Our Den Studio linen robes are ideal for wrapping up before or after bathing or while relaxing.

Our linen bathrobe contains soothing European flax linen and feels like an old favourite from day one. Choose from five unique, muted hues of stonewashed robes: charcoal, bloom (dusty pink), khaki, nature, and milk. Each linen robe in NZ wrinkles easily and fades, creating a relaxed appearance.

We don’t have a dedicated linen robe men’s collection or a linen robe women’s range at Den Studio. The design and beautiful colours suit everyone, simplifying the ordering process as one size fits all. Customers can usually collect their orders within 24 hours...

Embrace Style and Comfort

Ensure your linen robes will last by following the care instructions and washing them separately. Our quality robes in sophisticated shades epitomise self-care, practicality, and elegance. Why not choose one today?